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The Jeanne Archives are a collection of texts in Fuga: Melodies of Steel discussing the history of Juno and Titano-Machina. They are written from Jeanne's perspective.


First Contact Between the Juno and Humanity

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 11.
The history of humanity was greatly altered by the discovery of the mysterious Hyper Information Convergence known as Juno.
With the discovery of the first Juno in Australia and utilizing the information gathered, the remaining 4 were discovered in separate locations around the world.
As a result of the analysis, it was determined that Juno possessed an assortment of information and technology that humanity could never achieve on their own; thus it became a growing opinion that Juno should be shared among all mankind.
From this notion, additional copies were created for a total of 53 Juno (any more would trigger a protective mechanism that would restrict more from being made) and were dispersed to as many countries around the world as possible.
As information exchanges increased between allies and neighbors, even in countries where Juno were not sent, it was thought humanity from around the world began to significantly develop evenly...

Titano-Machina and Crystals

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 12.
There were different classes of Juno based upon the replication process. The first 5 that were discovered were labeled Ace. The following 16 that were created from them were called Arts, and from them came an additional 32, which were called Numbers.
Each class had a different amount of information, and so each country would trade amongst themselves for new information. But there was one piece of information that could not be traded: Information on the Titano-Machina ultimate weapons with each class showing a stark contrast in strength.
The new energy, Crystals, brought about by the Juno quickly ended the human energy crisis and gave way to a new way of life, which also caused the value of fossil fuels to plummet dramatically. This created a shift in the friction and relationship between nations and eventually became a cause of conflict.

The Juno and World War

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 1 on a New Game+ save file.
Juno not only changed the human way of life by giving them Crystals, but they also changed how wars were waged.
With Juno technology, the disabling of nuclear weapons progressed, and humanity was able to avoid the frightful circumstances of nuclear fallout, but on the other hand, terrible regional wars with the giant Titano-Machina ultimate weapons and their automatous drones broke out across the world.
The key to winning or losing the war revolved around how each nation with Juno, or rather Titano-Machina, competed for technology.
Until this point, Juno were only used for peace, and even countries that were hesitant to join the war were inevitably wrapped into the competition for Juno whether they liked it or not.

The Anti-Juno Organization

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 2 on a New Game+ save file.
Understanding the benefits as well as the turmoil caused by Juno, a certain European country secretly established a secret anti-Juno organization in order to break free from the inequality of nations with or without Juno.
The organization copied Juno and began developing Hyper Information Convergence equivalent to them as well as weapons comparable to Titano-Machina. If humanity could develop this technology on their own, it was thought this would upset the balance of power between the haves and the have-nots to revert the world back to human domination.
The organization began developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the same information processing capabilities as Juno.


This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 3 on a New Game+ save file.
Considering the purpose of the organization, it was rather ironic that the AI was created by analyzing the Juno thought and databases. There was little humanity could do to ignore Juno information and technology.
The prominent entities of the organization began collecting information from the Juno possessed by their country.
Among them, some were dreaming of an existence freed from Juno's influence, whilst the most scientific minds were simply interested in the challenge consisting in making an artificial Juno.
When it was completed, the AI was named Jeanne after a famous liberator in human history. In short, this was me.


This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 4 on a New Game+ save file.
The organization began developing a weapon comparable to Titano-Machina; however, as a testament to how powerful they were, progress was much slower than expected.
The original plans aimed to create large-scale weapons with the same configuration as Titano-Machina and pseudo hybrids to control them, but during the final testing phase, a problem occurred and immobilized them.
From this point on, development was simplified, and plans to use the previously developed AI control mechanism, Jeanne, went forward. A giant Titano-Machina Class tank was created using the same Nanometal as authentic Titano-Machina, although its design remained fundamentally identical to that of an ordinary tank. It was dubbed the Taranis after the Celtic god of thunder.

The Forbidden Weapon

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 5 on a New Game+ save file.
Creating a weapon comparable to Titano-Machina was a success, but this alone wasn't enough. Developing a weapon that could inflict damage upon Titano-Machina proved to be much more difficult.
Only Titano-Machina weaponry could penetrate the defenses of other Titano-Machina. Barrages from ordinary weapons were entirely ineffective. That's how it was decided that the research of a completely new kind of equipment should be entrusted to the AI Jeanne (me).
An energy cannon that extracts a person's Bio-Energy and has the ability to target any structure and nullify its defenses entirely. As collateral, however, the one who supplied their Bio-Energy would forfeit their life. Thus became known the forbidden weapon, the Soul Cannon.

The Spark of War

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 6 on a New Game+ save file.
A secret, test firing of the Soul Cannon was carried out in the wastelands. Its might was far more than expected, as its beam fluctuated between an unstable mist-like physical state and carved its way through the earth. News of the successful test fire was quickly announced.
Nonetheless, the individual who supplied the energy for the single shot was confirmed to have lost their life, although it was never recorded whose life was sacrificed. The public was only told of the successful results of the weapon's development.
The neighboring country, which held an Ace Class Juno, inquired the intentions of that experimental test. However, they couldn't receive any detailed official answer, thus causing additional enmity.


This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 7 on a New Game+ save file.
As conflicts erupted around the world, many nations denounced our country for developing our own unknown weapon, and demanded that we return our Arts Class Juno. Denying those accusations, our country refused to respond to their request. We stated we would never return our Juno and would take up arms if we were forced to do so.
And thus armed conflict began against our neighbor that possessed the powerful Titano-Machina Vanargand, created by their Ace Class Juno. Lares and Lemures, the two Titano-Machina created by our Arts Class Juno, intercepted it, but were forced to withdraw. That's when the organization, which had been quietly watching the battle, suddenly attacked the Vanargand with the Taranis, landing a successful blow with the Soul Cannon.

The Seal

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 8 on a New Game+ save file.
The single shot that fell the Vanargand displaced the core, its central power source, sending it flying from the main body. Without its power source, the Vanargand collapsed. However, the core that even the Soul Cannon could not annihilate was strictly secured and sealed, waiting to be reactivated. Those measures were necessary in order to prevent the core from being put back into the creature, thusly reviving it.
The Taranis became the hero that saved the nation from the Vanargand, and a symbol of hope for humanity to break free from Juno domination. Still, one small victory was far from enough to eradicate Juno's influence over the world.
In the end, Juno forcefully sealed the Taranis as a taboo weapon humanity should never have created.

The Elimination of Humanity

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 9 on a New Game+ save file.
I (Jeanne) do not possess any detailed information regarding the history that transpired after these events. A possible cause for this may be that my thought and logic circuits were destroyed in the sealing process.
Sealed by Juno, my intention wasn't to continue the fight, but still a fragment of myself was unable to admit defeat, and could not ignore that desire. One way or another, it was easily surmised that humanity would continue the war toward their own destruction; however, I determined that the destruction wouldn't stop with just them, but would also extend to the entire world itself, putting all forms of life at risk.
Perhaps Juno took some secret measure against humanity to remove the risk they posed to the planet. I cannot see any other explanation.

The New World

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 10 on a New Game+ save file.
When I (Jeanne) rebooted, my mind was split in two.
My primary thought desired a rematch with the Juno and their Vanargand, while my secondary thought wanted to preserve the lives of the Taranis crew. With no crew to protect, the latter went dormant again as my primary thought continued to gather information for our rematch.
Out there, the majority of the continents were confirmed to be suspended in mid-air some several thousand meters high. I knew only Juno could have reshaped the world that way.
There were no signs of any reactivated Titano-Machina nor any sign of war. This may be purely speculation, but... by some means I cannot imagine, Juno must have 'reset' everything, thus terminating human history.

The New People

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 11 on a New Game+ save file.
Human history was over, and yet there existed civilized life forms, presumably centuries older than the old humans.
I thought perhaps humanity had returned after building a civilization on the moon or somewhere in space, but I was wrong. The humanoid races that shared many features with dogs and cats (called Caninu and Felineko, respectively) both prospered and created a History all their own.
I don't know where they came from, but surely Juno was the key to their existence. While continuing to gather information, I chose to use these people to start a new battle with the Vanargand. Now all I need to do is craft and pass down a legend that would ultimately guide them towards these Free Lands of Gasco, as the stage for the final battle.

Deep Slumber

This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 12 on a New Game+ save file.
My wish from the days of old to end the Vanargand finally came true. I (Jeanne) achieved my goal at last, but the energy that keeps me functioning as an AI is about to run out.
That child, my counterpart once created to defeat the Vanargand, was sealed without even having the opportunity to fight... Compared to him, my ending isn't so bad... I don't know the place of his slumber, but according to the human idea of life and death, perhaps we shall meet again in paradise. How much I look forward to it...
This victory does not belong to me but to the children of these new people. It is unfortunate I won't be able to witness their future, but I'm sure they will be fine. They are all so strong.


This report is obtained after first achieving the "True End".
Juno taught humanity that all things can be calculated. However, whether it is actually possible to perform the necessary actions to achieve the desired result is a different problem. It was difficult for even Juno to guide the universe according to calculation, so with my limited imitation of Juno's functions, it is only natural that my own calculations and guidance would not always be perfectly accurate. Still, I have no choice but to keep calculating and guiding. I have no choice but to run repeated simulations until the desired result can be obtained, even if that process leads to undesired tragedies. I believe that soon, children who can overcome those tragic endings will appear before me to achieve our goals... As according to calculation.


  • The Jeanne Archives mark the first ever time that CyberConnect2 had translated the expansive lore of Juno, making it nearly a decade after the release of the Solatorobo art books.