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This article contains Fuga: Melodies of Steel spoilers, continue at your own risk.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 is a tactical role-playing sequel game to 2021's Fuga: Melodies of Steel. The game was officially announced on July 15, 2022 and released on May 11th, 2023, being released on nearly all platforms.

Being a direct sequel to the previous game, the story begins after a year since the twelve children aboard the Taranis saved Gasco from the Berman Empire and Vanargand. When all seems well, a new threat arises, causing the Taranis to go on a rampage and kidnap half of Malt Marzipan's old crew. To stop this, the rest of the crew join the Gasco Army to reawaken a past foe - the Tarascus. Malt, the remaining children and their newest teammate, Vanilla Muscat, charge forward to put a stop to the Taranis.

The story reveals secrets of a world lost to the past, which includes a new Titano-Machina named Belenos, the mysterious boy known as Jihl, and much more.


The overall gameplay of Fuga 2 is much alike to its predecessor, though with an array of embellishments, quality-of-life improvements, old and new crew members with new skills & swapped main weapons, etc..

Improved Intermission Activities

The notebook has been improved by introducing an experience boosting bonus for the entire crew, which is activated once a certain number of requests are fulfilled.

Judgement System

A significant mechanic introduced in Fuga 2 is the Judgment System, which is divided between Empathy and Resolve. Featuring branching paths, the player's choices will influence the story and Malt's leadership abilities.

Both sides can be increased via points earned through dialogue choices. Empathy points can be earned by having Malt favor the safety of his crew and others around him, while Resolve points are earned through picking more determined choices relating to the goal of your objective. Empathy will unlock defensive abilities while Resolve unlocks far more offensive options.

Depending on which side is the strongest, or if both are balanced, certain cutscenes may play out in the midst of a chapter. These cutscenes grant more insight into Malt's relationships and also bonus points to the Judgement System.

Airship Support

As stated in the first game’s ending, the country of Gasco now has access to more advanced airships. This now allows NPCs to support the player at certain points throughout the game, being able to drop supplies, perform air raids, or transport the player to another route.


Rings make their return as a currency in Fuga 2. Rings can be most easily accumulated by selling rare goods found in ruins and dangerous paths. Once accumulated, they can be spent on materials, ingredients, weaponry, and postgame bonus items at villages or from airships.


The Managarm is the Tarascus' equivalent to the Taranis' Soul Cannon. Instead of performing a full sacrifice, however, the Managarm instead only expends a teammate's energy, resulting them being out of commission until the player reaches the next Intermission point. This cannon can be used in any battle and is not restricted to only boss fights.


A new tank named the Exo-Taranis is introduced. This tank features both the Soul Cannon and the Managarm along with the Hax AI. The AI has more control over the tank than Jeanne, being able to forcefully seat a crew member into the Soul Cannon's chamber if enough damage is taken. This pits the player into a tightly timed event where the battle must be completed before the 20 turn countdown ends. If it does, the AI will sacrifice the chosen ally. To combat this, the player can swap to the Managarm to more swiftly complete the fight at the cost of exhausting a different child.

If the Soul Cannon ends up firing, cutscenes unique for each sacrifice will play out and affect the crew. Depending on who is sacrificed, specific characters will hit a chapter-long depressive state, leaving them unable to perform link events.


Following in the footsteps of Fuga 1, paid DLC comes in the form of cosmetics.

The first DLC pack was announced during Anthrocon 2023, featuring a special Tail Concerto 25th Anniversary theme by dressing the children in attire identical to those seen in said title. Two other packs followed, those being a steampunk theme and a kigurumi set.


  • Fuga 2 is the first Little Tail Bronx title to not feature artwork illustrated by legacy artist Nobuteru Yūki.

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