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"I'll make you regret ever being born!"

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</image> <group collapse="open"> <header>Bio</header> <label>Age</label> <label>Gender</label> <label>Species</label> <label>Height</label> <label>Relatives</label> <label>Relationships</label> <label>Residence</label> <label>Mecha</label> <label>Alignment</label> <label>Voice Actor</label> </group> </infobox> Jeanne is the personality OS of the Taranis and the most prominent supporting character in Fuga: Melodies of Steel.


Jeanne is the personality OS (or Artificial Intelligence) of the Taranis. She was created in part of the scientific effort of inventing artificial Juno and was named after a famous liberator in human history.

Other known AI made from Juno do not possess emotion, instead behaving almost robotically as they are simply computer programs. Jeanne is the first known exception to this, however, as she had been split into two different halves when the Taranis was sealed away by Juno. One half, who can only communicate through the radios throughout Gasco, is incredibly vindictive against the Vanargand to an almost psychotic point. Her other half, which can present itself as a child version of herself through holograms within the tank, is a pacifist who struggles to keep her vengeful half under control. Her completed form seems far more neutral over sacrifice and keeps a collected mind.

An ability unique to Jeanne is time travel, which she refers to as performing simulations. She will revert time back to a specific point if the Taranis gets completely destroyed in battle.

Jeanne's default appearance is that of a typical Juno AI, a glowing human-like hologram. When she was split into two personalities, however, her pacifist half takes on the appearance of a small child. Her other half has never made an appearance through any holograms. When whole, Jeanne is dressed in clothes that resemble 14th century European armor and a small headdress that resembles cat ears. The cat ears are much more exaggerated in the manga.


World War III & The New World

During the ever-growing prominence of Juno on Earth, which was being maliciously used for an upcoming third world war, a certain European country formed an organization to create artificial Juno weaponry to counter them. This research had lead to the creation of Jeanne, who was then assigned to the newly invented Taranis.

After the Taranis first defeated Vanargand and blew away its heart from within the Titano-Machina, the former tank would be sealed away by Juno. This sudden shutdown would cause Jeanne to be put into a dormant state and split into two when rebooted. After the Earth's reset, Jeanne would awaken with her violent half immediately seeking a rematch with Vanargand. To achieve this, she studied the new inhabitants of what was formally Earth and construct a fake legend about the war. This would ultimately lead to a young Shvein Hax falling for her fairy tale through his radio and growing up to be the tyrannical general who lead the Berman Empire's army.

Berman Invasion

When the Berman Empire takes over and destroys Petit Mona, she encourages the six surviving children in the village to continue manning the Taranis after they reawaken the tank. With no other choice, they continue on until they face Pretzel, who puts them into a pinch. This prompts Jeanne to introduce them all to the Soul Cannon and requires a sacrifice to move on. Once a child has been sacrificed and reality sets in to the others, everyone becomes too depressed to fight on, ultimately leading to their deaths. Jeanne manages to reverse time, however, putting everyone back to the moment before the confrontation with Pretzel. While she still encourages use of the Soul Cannon in tight moments, Jeanne ceases to make it an absolute necessity until much later.

As the children continue exploring Gasco Jeanne's pacifist half begins to manifest inside the tank, scaring them to the point where they believe she's a ghost. She continues to attempt communicating with them despite her other half still leading the reigns. As the children start becoming suspicious of her intentions, her visible half finally manages to discourage them from fighting. Unfortunately for her, they have no choice but to keep seeking out their parents and end the empire.

True Intentions

When the Taranis is on the move towards the Lhassa Apso labor camp, Jeanne states that everyone will be soon reunited. While at first this seems to be about the children and their families, what she's actually referring to is far more selfish. Her true intention is to lead everyone to the Tarascus which is currently being manned by Hax. As they arrive at the Berman fortress, they discover that Jeanne had been purposefully allowing Hax to listen in on her through his radio. Her intentions to reawaken the Vanargand and battle it once again are revealed here, throwing the children into a hopeless battle. Their initial loss results in a one-shot massacre of the Gasco Army who had came to support them, with Jeanne deploying an emergency shield to protect the Taranis from the blast.

After the children take a peaceful moment to reunite with their parents, Jeanne's other half urges them to head to Paresia and use the tank to end the Vanargand once and for all. With no other choice and despite their doubts, everyone departs to Malamute.

Finally Defeating Vanargand

In the first Fuga title's true ending, the children and Jeanne are put into a tight situation when figuring out how to finally end both Hax and Vanargand. In a last ditch effort, she seeks out an alternative method to firing the Soul Cannon that doesn't involve killing the children. She's shocked to find a human boy, who she calls her counterpart, sealed within a capsule deep inside the tank. With no other choice, she uses his Bio-Energy to land the final blow that completely destroys Vanargand. This seemingly random child would end up being her counterpart to fight the Titano-Machina, a young boy who never had the opportunity to fight.

It is stated by Jeanne in her archives that without that child's life in the tank, she could no longer function as an AI. As the children of Gasco celebrate their victory, she relishes in her final moments while nestled against the Taranis. Jeanne disappears after thanking them for achieving her mission.


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  • Fuga's internal game files refer to Jeanne's vengeful half as "Black Jeanne", and her protective half as "White Jeanne".
  • Jeanne's name was originally spelled as "Jehanne".