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This article contains MULTIPLE spoilers for the Little Tail Bronx series, continue at your own risk.

Titano-Machina are a series of Juno-based superweapons featured throughout the Little Tail Bronx series. While the first Titano-Machina was technically featured in Tail Concerto, they would not be properly established until Solatorobo.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Titano-Machina are gargantuan mecha-like weapons that often take a human or animalistic appearance with many being bipedal in form. While four-legged Titano exist, the only known quadruped is the Vanargand. All of them feature working intestinal systems, though how complex these systems are vary greatly.

Being weapons, Titano-Machina are equipped with a deadly arsenal capable of destroying entire countries. Most of these weapons are often large lasers or beams that are shot through the mouth or other parts of the body. Some are seen holding weapons such as the Iron Giant with its sword.

Titano-Machina must be activated through specific means, with nearly all known machines possessing unique ways to do so. This includes the use of crystals, artificial parts, or vessels. These machines are also able to be forcefully put back to sleep through medallions and sacrificial rituals being used in tandem.

Taking control of these machines often leads to the corruption of the mind & body, with such victims being Bruno Dondurma and Shvein Hax. Any living being attempting this will become deformed, with their fur or skin becoming a blue-purple hue and marks resembling Juno coating their body. Their mentality deteriorates into a violent, manic state with no known way of recovery. The only way to control a Titano-Machina risk free is to use an extreme amount of Nono.