Berman Reports

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The Berman Reports are a collection of texts in Fuga: Melodies of Steel written from the perspective of several Berman soldiers.


Pretzel's Private Journal - 1

Author: Colonel Pretzel
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 1.
With the arrival of the dawn, the Gasco Invasion will begin. Under the starry sky beyond this window, I can see an airship fleet, the pride and joy of our country, carrying a garrison of soldiers and weapons toward the battlefield.
Colonel General Shvein Hax is the Supreme Commander of this operation. Not long ago, he served as a mere aide, bold and young; however, in a blink of the eye, he was promoted to lead the entirety of this massive invasion. I suppose it's not surprising, considering his calm judgement and the ambition he shows with his words and actions.
If I had to say it, ever since he was removed from under my supervision, his cruelty seemed to grow.
I have a feeling this mission will be just as rough as the last...

Pretzel's Private Journal - 2

Author: Colonel Pretzel
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 2.
In all actuality, something seemed odd about this operation from the very beginning. The rumor regarding Colonel General Hax directly advising the Emperor without any discussion regarding the strategy of this operation may actually be true.
The Emperor said, "We shall reclaim the lost lands of our country." I wonder if Hax got certain proof to support those words.
If the occupation of Gasco was his motivation, then theory would dictate he should have occupied the capital city of Paresia; however, they knew to expect an invasion and were able to prepare their defenses. Around this time, it seemed inevitable the timeline of the operation would have to be extended, but Hax's goal was never Paresia, but rather the mountains far to the south. It appeared to be a viable area to set up a base, but what if he had an ulterior motive...?

Pretzel's Private Journal - 3

Author: Colonel Pretzel
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 3.
The siege of Paresia is advancing as scheduled. The Gasco Army concentrated their forces in the capital, which made it impossible to protect their remote regions. Everything was proceeding as expected, but I absolutely cannot accept this area is at the mercy of those two old generals.
It was like a sick game, to cause more casualties than necessary among non-combatant civilians who had no power to resist, and I keep complaining about their way of doing things, but they are old and hard of hearing now.
To finish this battle, I'll have to keep a close watch on General Baum and General Stollen, and make sure they stay out of the front lines. I must suppress their rage, if only to aid the reconstruction after the war...

A Spy's Journal - 1

Author: Spritz Strudel
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 4.
(5 years ago)
It's been decided I will go to Gasco. This will likely be a long journey. I am to gather information on internal affairs and armaments as well as confirming their technical capabilities. It shouldn't be a difficult job. But leaving my son, who's grown so big, and my newborn daughter in the care of my dear wife is painful and lonely with or without the responsibilities of a spy. But this, too, is for the good of our country. All I can do is believe this is for them, my beloved family. Once this job is done, I should be given some time off. I think in the very least I'm owed that...

Flam Kish's Letter

Author: Flam Kish
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 5.
Dear General Pretzel (my beloved father),
I am writing to inform you that, given my achievements from the other day, it has been unofficially decided that I will be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. I look forward to standing by your side on the battlefield without feeling ashamed, although perhaps a little tense. It will be a true pleasure to enjoy the atmosphere of the same battlefield with you.
I am also extremely grateful that you recommended me to be deployed to your squadron...
Thank you very much for your kind consideration.
Flam (Your foolish daughter)

Blutwurst's Research Journal

Author: Doktor Blutwurst
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 6.
I cannot thank General Hax enough for appointing me as the manager of this facility. It's like a place in my dreams where I am able to take out my grudges on those darn Felinekos through my experiments! They may be a disgusting, foul race, but I must say, they are exceptionally suited as specimens in my Bio-Energy extraction and battery experiments that have produced such wonderous results. Especially Felinekos who have a strange ability for spells become an incredibly efficient energy source. Many of them around this so-called holy land who have this ability.
We must speed up and gather more specimens to improve the system for battery production and deliver them to General Hax as soon as possible. It's not my business to think about how these batteries will be used as long as General Hax appreciates my work!

Rumor of a Berman Soldier

Author: Berman Army soldier
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 7.
Places like this so-called prison camp actually exist; however, it is a well-known fact that they don't only contain prisoners of war. It appears to be nothing but a playground for that crazy, fake Caninu, Blutwurst. (...)
Blutwurst's father comes from a prestigious Caninu family in Berman. On the other hand, his mother is from a Felineko family with a bad reputation, so much that she was even shunned within their own home. (...)
Not long ago a man in my same class died of mysterious causes. He supposedly witnessed Blutwurst's unmasked face and was laughing about his Felineko heritage behind his back...

A Spy's Journal - 2

Author: Spritz Strudel
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 8.
It's been a year since I infiltrated Gasco. It's strange, I feel as though I've been living here for longer...
There is a sort of warmth here, free of the Berman Empire. No matter where I go or whom I meet, it's the same feeling. In Berman, there are hardly any Felinekos, even if there are, it's not unusual for them to be persecuted. But here, both races are on equal terms and can live freely. (...)
Under these circumstances, even if I am able to relay useful information back to the Berman Empire, it likely wouldn't be received well. But personally... No, as a simple living being, I've learned how fundamentally important this is. (...)
I am coming to a disturbing conclusion. This could be an act of treason against my homeland...

Flam Kish's Note

Author: Flam Kish
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 9.
To my Beloved Father,
My mind hasn't been right ever since I lost you... After becoming an orphan when I was around 12 years old, you took me in as your own daughter and taught me everything. Academics, strategy, tactics, and my whole ideology. I intend to uphold your teachings so as not to disappoint you, but I think something inside me shattered when I heard of your death at the hands of those Gasco savages. When a factory manager refused to cooperate, I had him executed as an example to the others. Perhaps my old self, with your teachings, could have avoided spilling blood... I don't know what to do...

A Spy's Journal - 3

Author: Spritz Strudel
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 10.
In the end, I betrayed my homeland. I relayed the Berman plans of the Gasco Invasion to a leading Gasco official. They will likely aim to strengthen defenses quickly against a Berman attack in Paresia. At the very least, the Berman who learn of this information will have to delay the timing for the invasion. However, there is little doubt they will have learned of my betrayal. I cannot imagine they would let me contact my family. Even if I could, it would only place my own digressions upon them... My beloved wife... My beloved children, Britz and Frita... I cannot ask for your forgiveness, but my only intention was to do the right thing. I wish I could have seen you again, just one more time...

Legend of the Lost God

Author: The Radio Woman (originally)
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 11.
(From a Berman Fairy Tale)
Once upon a time, God bestowed power upon our people and everyone lived in happiness. However, there came some evil beings who claimed God's power as their own, and with it, they created a Devil. Distraught, God battled with the Devil and delivered His punishment; however, having lost His heart, He fell fast asleep deep beneath the land. With His last breath, He proclaimed that when men had forgotten their transgressions and remembered how to live in happiness, He would return to this land once more.


Author: Shvein Hax
This report is obtained after first completing Chapter 12.
I dare say I have received divine revelation. One night, the voice of a woman over a secret frequency told me something extremely suspicious, although my instincts told me take it as fact. "Awaken the Lost God." This Lost God was from an old Berman fairy tale, but for whatever reason, even as a child, I couldn't believe it was simply a myth. That God rests within Gasco. The voice spoke about the mountain in which the heart was sealed, how to restart it, and the weapon that would become its vessel. Listening to the voice, my heart leapt with excitement as though I were a young lad listening to my grandmother tell fairy tales. "This God's name is Vanargand." The words shook my very soul as I began to paint a picture of retrieving the sleeping God in the lands of Gasco.


  • In the original Japanese version, some details are present that are not found in the English translation:
    • In the Japanese version of "Pretzel's Private Journal - 1", Pretzel reveals that Hax was his second-in-command at one point, as opposed to merely being an officer under his employ.
    • In the Japanese version of "Pretzel's Private Journal - 3", Pretzel uses "the frontier" to refer to both Gasco's remote regions and the area Von Stollen and Von Baum have dominion over, clarifying that the two generals were meant to control the military operations of all remote regions.
    • In the Japanese version of "Flam Kish's Letter", Flam correctly refers to Pretzel as "Colonel Pretzel" as opposed to "General Pretzel". She also asks Pretzel to keep the news of her unofficial promotion a secret. Additionally, the Japanese version has Flam stating that she would be grateful if Pretzel made a recommendation for her to join his garrison, while the English version states that Pretzel already made said recommendation.
    • In the Japanese version of "A Spy's Journal - 3", Spritz refers to his wife by her given name, revealing it to be "Linza".