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"I'll make you regret ever being born!"

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Mei is Malt's little sister and the youngest in the crew. Cheerful and sunny, she grew up without letting the death of her parents affect her. She has a friendly personality but likes her brother the most. She seems to be the most curious of all the children boarded in the Taranis, being the first to spot the tank in the mountain cave.

Mei is a very small Caninu child whose breed is German Shepherd. In Fuga 1, she is dressed in very simple village clothes as most others in Petit Mona appear to be. In the sequel, she is given her brother's cap and is seen more well dressed along with longer locks of hair.


Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Mei was born in Petit Mona and lived with her older brother Malt. However, shortly after her birth parents succumbed to illness, and thus was left in the care of her grandparents. Due to being so young as to not remember her parents, as well as the care and affection of Malt and her grandparents, she grew up cheerfully without any real sadness for the loss of her parents. She accompanied Malt in tending to moosheep herds, hoping to be like him some day.

The beginning of the war differs for Mei and Malt. In-game, she and all the other children heard a voice that called them to the Taranis. In the video "How it All Began" however, Mei and Malt lost control of a moosheep and stumbled upon the Taranis by accident. When their grandparents and the rest of Petit Mona were abducted by the Berman army, Malt decided to go to the Taranis alongside all the other children. The events of the war then proceed similarly.

Canonically, Mei survives the Gasco war alongside the rest of her friends. She and Malt spend their days peacefully tending to moosheep, hoping the peace would last forever.


Mei has the most tragic sacrifice among the children. If she is chosen to sacrifice herself to the Soul Cannon she doesn't willingly give herself up to it, but instead runs away in fear and hides inside the energy chamber that powers it, closing her eyes and deciding to believe that she'll meet her relatives after being fooled by an unseen force. It then absorbs her energy and unleashes the cannon, leaving the rest of the children in despair.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2


After being fired through the Soul Cannon, Mei asks her mother and father to watch over Malt before meeting them again in the afterlife. Her firing is one of the oddly unique ones in that the beam becomes a fiery red.

This sacrifice in particular leaves Malt shouting in absolute grief as he hits another depressive state.


Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Mei's role in battle is speed. As a Machine Gunner, she already has high speed, but she has bar none the highest speed of the entire crew. This is compensated for with having the lowest damage, but she's still a powerful member due to her ability to speed up the other members with her skills and attack even faster. Even as a support member, she increases the speed of her link partner significantly when they use normal attacks, while her link attacks fill the link gauges of the other members. Her speed is bolstered even more by her Hero Mode, which doubles her action speed. Used correctly, Mei can manipulate the turn order to your benefit and deny your enemies of any chance of acting at all before you finish them off.

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  • In keeping with the theme of being named after sweets, Malt and Mei's surname is based on Marzipan sweets, confections primarily made of sugar and honey or almond meal.