Malt Marzipan

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"I'll make you regret ever being born!"

This article contains Fuga: Melodies of Steel spoilers, continue at your own risk.

Malt Marzipan

Age 12
Gender Male
Species Caninu
Relatives Mei Marzipan (Sister)
Unnamed brother
Residence Petit Mona
Weapon Class Cannon
Vehicle Taranis
Voice Actor Ayumu Murase

Malt Marzipan (マルト・マジパン, Maruto Majipan) is the protagonist of Fuga: Melodies of Steel and Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2.


Malt fully transformed as seen in the manga's 26th chapter

Malt is the oldest child from Petit Mona. Ever since his parents died from an illness, he has been living as a moosheep herder on his grandparents' farm with his little sister Mei Marzipan. He has a strong sense of responsibility and shows great courage.

In the first Fuga title, Malt's appearance is that of a typical villager, though he appears to wear what look like roughed up bandages on both his calves. His breed of Caninu is a German Shepherd and is later revealed be part-wolf in the manga. In the sequel, he's seen wearing a blue Gasco Army bomber jacket, giving him a more mature appearance.

Wolf Genes

It is possible that Malt comes from a lineage of wolves, an ancient race of Caninu, as he can morph his anatomy to be more wolf-like when experiencing extreme moments of grief and anger. The transformation is shown subtly throughout Fuga 2 and is much more explicitly showcased in the manga.


Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Early Life

Malt was born in Petit Mona. Shortly after his little sister Mei was born, his parents died of illness and was then taken care of by his grandparents. He took it upon himself to be a responsible older brother and look after others as the oldest, an attitude that eventually extended to the rest of his friends. As he grew up, he became a proficient moosheep herder, and lived his days in peace until the Berman army attacked.

How Malt and his friends began their journey on the Taranis has different interpretations. In the game, they were all called together by the Taranis and were surprised when they found it. In the video "How it All Began", Malt already found the Taranis beforehand[1]. He and Mei lost control of a moosheep, which then led them to find the Taranis. When the army attacked, he was reminded of the tank and decided to find it once more in order to save everyone.


Malt is possibly the most willing to sacrifice himself to the Taranis's Soul Cannon due to his overwhelming sense of responsibility. If chosen to fire the cannon, he immediately heads down to the basement's pod without protest. Despite some anxiety over seating himself he still stands by being the oldest & most responsible. If he's the first to go, his fellow crew mates seem fairly oblivious to the cannon's workings and wonder if he makes it out okay.[2]

For some reason, Malt is the only one who has some inkling of the Taranis' time travel capability. After the first sacrifice and the Taranis' time travel, he wakes up before the intermission in tears, crying without knowing why. This happens even if he is picked as the sacrifice, showing that deep down he's still afraid of dying.

After the Gasco War

Canonically, Malt and all of his friends survive the war and are recognized as heroes. He spends his days peacefully looking after moosheep with Mei. They hoped these sunny days would last forever...

Though according to Fuga's secret movie, they would not. Malt and his friends are forced into war once more, and he is even consumed by vengeance, swearing to kill his hated enemy.

A Heroic Legend

It's revealed that Malt was recognized as the hero that led the children of the Taranis. His race as a German Shepherd and his own profession as a moosheep herder, along with his heroism, inspired the name of the Shepherd Republic.


Malt is all about damage. As a Cannoneer, he has the second-highest attack among all members, but the second slowest to compensate. He has no status effect or defensive skills, All he has are area attacks, single-target attacks and buffs that increase attack power for him or for the current gunners. Even as a support member, his skills increase all of his partner's damage and his link attacks as a support deal the most damage of the entire crew. His Hero Mode doubles the damage of all his normal shots. Using Malt is all about doing the most damage to finish of your enemies as quickly as possible with practical, straightforward attacks. Buff his speed, and you have a reliable damage dealer for the whole party.

Concept Art


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  • In keeping with the theme of being named after sweets, Malt and Mei's surname is based on Marzipan sweets, confections primarily made of sugar and honey or almond meal.
    • The name "Malt" is also a reference to food, that being germinated cereal grain.
  • Malt's in-game 3D model textures in the first game strangely feature a miniature photo of himself. He is the only character with this quirk and the image is not applied anywhere to his model.