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Caninu (イヌヒト, inuhito, lit. "dog people"), also referred to as Dog-People in Tail Concerto, are one of the main races in the world of Little Tail Bronx.


Various body types & breeds of Caninu

Caninu refers to a general category which is comprised of a number of different breeds. Appearances between breeds can vary. Chihuahuas are very short even as adults, which lies in stark contrast to a breed such as Saint Bernards, who easily tower over most other breeds. One of the breeds, Dog, actually refers to another general category that includes breeds such as Chihuahua and Borzoi. Some features of each breed vary between male and female.

An incredibly rare breed of Caninu known as the Wolf exists, but is at near-extinction. Currently, the only times wolves are still seen alive are through mixed genes in seemingly normal Caninu.

Caninu and Felineko are able to marry as well as have children together. The children of a Felineko and Caninu couple will either be Caninu or Felineko.



Unlike humans, Caninu cannot distinguish between the primary colors, though they are slightly more evolved regarding their dichroic color sense when compared to real world cats and dogs. All of the spectra from green to red are yellowish, with purple to blue all being a dark blue.


Caninu exhibit a wide range of intelligence between breeds, no matter their size & physique. The fox family along with a few other wild dog breeds tend to be the most dexterous & intelligent, while more obscure and rare breeds such as bush dogs are often less intelligent. Crossbreeds, which could include mutts, cover a wider range of intelligence though they don't surpass the fox families nor go as low as bush dogs.


While Felineko are born with the ability to tap into magic, this cannot be said for Caninu. Caninu are never born with this trait and their society seems to never find interest in it. However, the one exception to this are those descended from the ancient Wolf Tribe. Genes coming from this lineage carry very powerful magic and those with them seem to be very far & few between in modern day.


While both Caninu and Felineko can be afflicted with the same illnesses, there are certain ones that are unique to each race. Such illnesses tend to be more severe.


Much like real world humans, Caninu can suffer colds. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, diarrhea, and escalating to fevers.

"Fox's Disease"

Fox's Disease is an incredibly fatal illness with a 100% fatality rate. Tell-tale signs of this disease include excitability, confusion, and an irrational fear of water. Two to seven days after the disease hits a victim results in them entering a coma and dying from respiratory distress.

Odor Allergy Syndrome

An illness that most commonly affects Caninu. The nose will react sensitively to specific odors and causes sneezing, runny nose, and nauseating headaches in the most severe cases.


Some countries have a majority population of Caninu such as the Prairie Kingdom and Shepherd Republic, which are made up of 96% and 60% Caninu respectively. Other countries are home to more Felineko, such as the Abyssina Federation which only has a 40% population of Caninu.


Nom Bones

Nom Bones are the Caninu equivalent to cigars and cigarettes. Unlike how Felineko smoke herbs, Nom Bones resemble typical dog treats, ranging from the generic bone shape to smaller kibble bits named Galee Bones. The more solid bone variety are an extremely popular product among adult Caninu, particularly to males. Older Caninu can be seen packing their Nom Bones in holsters, belts, or simply in their coat pockets (either on the inside or in place of a pocket square).

How one consumes their Nom Bone can be up to personal preference or style. The most well known eating styles are called "normal", which has one end of the bone sticking outside the corner of the mouth, "wild", where a Caninu holds their bone from the middle as a stereotypical dog would, and "sexy", which is done by holding out one end of the bone around the center of the mouth.

In normal Caninu society it is frowned upon when a female Caninu takes to consuming Nom Bones. Female Caninu with Nom Bones are often seen as delinquents and rebellious.



  • The Fox's Disease exhibits symptoms identical to rabies.