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The Tarascus is a Berman-built tank that was powered by the heart of the Vanargand. It first appeared as Shvein Hax's main weapon in Fuga: Melodies of Steel and later becomes Malt Marzipan and his crew's first tank in Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2.


The Tarascus is built almost identical to the Taranis, as it can house about 12 individuals and provide the exact same necessities.

Hax AI

Trailers for Fuga 2 have dropped hints that within the Tarascus is an AI built off of Shvein Hax, its previous pilot. How this functions or how this phenomenon is occuring is unknown.


The Managarm is the Tarascus' answer to the Soul Cannon. The cannon is capable of draining one's life force and utilizing it to wipe out swarms of enemies. Unlike the Soul Cannon, however, this is not a full sacrifice. Any crew members seated into the Managarm are only rendered exhausted for a period of time. When this cannon is activated, a wolf's howl can be heard and the overall theme incorporates wolves. The color scheme is also red & black unlike the Soul Cannon's purple & black.

Dummy energy, similar to a dummy soul, can be used in place of a crew member.


  • The Tarascus is likely named after the Tarasque, a dragon-like creature featured in French mythology.
  • The Managarm is named after Mánagarmr, a moon-swallowing wolf seen in Norse mythology. This is supported by the cannon's wolf-themed UI when activated.