Fuga: Melodies of Steel (manga)

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<image source="image"></image> <label>Author</label> <label>Illustrator</label> <label>Published on</label> <label>Publisher</label> <group layout="horizontal"> <header>Publication order</header> <label>Previous</label> <label>Next</label> </group> </infobox> The Fuga: Melodies of Steel manga is a series that, initially, retells the main story of the first game up until the aftermath of the battle against Pretzel. The rest of the manga delves deeper into characters and present new scenes. It is illustrated by mangaka Takafumi Adachi. Serialization began on December 13th, 2021, with each chapter being uploaded to Famitsu's website for free viewing every few weeks. KADOKAWA will publish volumes as ebooks. It is available in Japanese and eventually in English.


The story begins where the first game does - When Petit Mona is invaded by the Berman Empire. Malt Marzipan along with the other children of the village follow their radio's instructions of finding & riding the Taranis. While the story follows the original plot for some time, deviations begin when the focus shifts to a newly introduced character who names himself the Maestro. Each time the focus changes, the story enters a half-chapter.

The Maestro causes many of the strange plot twists seen throughout the manga by meddling with events on his computer system. This results in different battles with the Berman, Wappa Charlotte being conscripted with the empire, and so on. A Caninu boy dressed in a large hat & cloak is shown attempting to thwart whatever the Maestro's goal is, going as far as using a "dimension gun" to disintegrate his shins in order to use a dummy soul to reverse Malt's sacrifice. The story continues with the main plot while presenting more twists.

Overall, the manga serves as a bridge between all three titles in the Fuga trilogy by filling in blanks left from the first game, hinting at later events as the second game was completing development, and continues to delve into what's to come in the future.


The manga has been getting collected ebook releases since March 2022 and are published by KADOKAWA. Physical releases are in limbo, as CyberConnect2 was seeking out a physical-only publisher when they were first discussed and have yet to follow up on the plan.

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