Prairie Kingdom

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The Prairie Kingdom is the primary background of Tail Concerto and one of the major sky island countries of the Little Tail Bronx world. It is located west of Nipon and northwest of the Shepherd Republic. Before the Reset, Prairie was previously Belgium.


The Ancestors of Prairie

The ancestors of Prairie

The origins of this kingdom go back hundreds of years. It was found by a group of settlers who then discovered that the archipelago was home to many remnants of an "ancient civilization". As these ancestors made these islands their home they would name the land "Prairie", which to them meant "Land of Rebirth".

The Iron Giant's Reawakening

During the events of Tail Concerto, a weapons dealer named Fool would strive to reawaken the Iron Giant for his own selfish purposes. He'd go on to trick the members of the Black Cats Gang to collect the crystals necessary to reviving the Titano-Machina. When his mission was successful, the Iron Giant's reviving body parts would break through large chunks of the sky islands and even manage to completely demolish a few. As Fool called for its attention, it would end up swallowing him whole. The giant also caused massive damage to the kingdom's capital, Prairia.

Waffle Ryebread, entering the Iron Giant through its mouth, would go on to destroy it from the inside-out and save the entire kingdom. Fool would end up escaping its insides alive and fall into the archipelago's ocean island along with a broken Iron Giant.


The Prairie Kingdom is populated by Caninu and Felineko where animosity between the two race has led to a history of conflict, with Caninu now representing the majority population. Its current ruler is King Hound III.


Due to its unique geographical configuration, the nation's inhabitants mostly commute by way of airships, and their society is characterized by steam-based technology & mysterious crystals culled from the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Prairie Kingdom is, so far, the only archipelago in the Little Tail Bronx world to feature a large stretch of water below it. The entire body of water is supported by a low-floating sky island that sits right above the sea of clouds. Its sheer size classifies this body of water to be a sea of its own.


  • The Prairie Kingdom's sky island structure is the result of retconning Tail Concerto to better fit the world Solatorobo had established. If Fool had actually fallen into Earth's sea in the game's ending with current logic, he would have been first electrocuted to death in the sea of clouds before falling for a longer span of time into the ocean.