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</image> <image source="map"> </image> <label>Location</label> <label>Notable Inhabitants</label> </infobox> Coolant is one of the Prairie Kingdom's sky islands featured in Tail Concerto.


Coolant is the Prairie Kingdom's coldest sky island. The entirety of the piece of land is composed of solid ice and features two caves, one in the center and another sitting on the back edge which holds one of the Iron Giant's crystals.

Crystal-like ice formations surround the area which gives the island it a sense of elegance. Large frozen fish can also be seen under the clearest parts of the ice and within the walls of the caves.


  • An unused version of the area's song titled "More Coolant" was featured in the game's official soundtrack. The song uses a leitmotif from Kokia's "For Little Tail", Tail Concerto's original opening theme.
  • Coolant is the only sky island to feature a freezing climate in Little Tail Bronx.

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