Russel Ryebread

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Russel Ryebread is Prarie Kingdom's most enthusiastic archaeologist and Waffle Ryebread's grandfather. He is first introduced in Tail Concerto as Waffle explores Airleaf.


Russel Ryebread is an avid archaeologist & historian, always being found exploring Prairie for remnants of ancient civilizations and reading up on whatever history he can through multiple books. While he possesses a wise and knowledgable atmosphere, he's also a known alcoholic and has been accused of using people on one occassion by a friend in Coolant. His drinks of choice are often wines and he has been spotted drunk driving by his grandson at least once, though Russel seems to brush off near-death experiences in a comical manner.

Russel is an older yet spry Caninu senior with cream fur and white hair. His small spectacles and bushy eyebrows give him a slightly stern yet intelligent demeanor. His outfit is primarily khaki and green colored, with his puffy pants and shoulder pads adding a black accent throughout.



  • While Russel is known to be a wine-addicted drunk throughout Tail Concerto and its additional media, he was rewritten to be sober in the game's English release. When Waffle finds him passed out in Airleaf in this version, he was written to have fallen asleep while driving his airship. This was to keep the game at an E rating under the ESRB and was also a common translation trope at the time.
    • Despite this censorship, a man in Resaca still mentions Russel's preference for the town's wine.