Iron Giant

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The Iron Giant is a Titano-Machina featured in Tail Concerto. It is a part of the final boss in the game.


Before Tail Concerto

The Iron Giant was created as the ultimate weapon to win a war between two "ancient civilizations". Due to its sentience and uncontrollable power, however, it had only worsened tensions. Those involved with the war took to their airships, waiting for the colossal beast to finally fall asleep.

As the Iron Giant shut down, survivors of the war managed to remove the five crystals from within, ultimately silencing it.

Tail Concerto

During Tail Concerto, Fool's greed for power leads him to tricking the Pris sisters into stealing the five crystals spread throughout Prairie Kingdom, with one already being in Alicia Pris' possession since childhood. With the Black Cats Gang running amock for these crystals, the Prairie police force hires Waffle Ryebread to thwart their goals.

Near the end of the game, Fool manages to successfully reawaken the Iron Giant, causing mass destruction to the sky islands its body parts & blade were embedded into. As before, the giant's uncontrollable behavior goes against expectations and ends up swallowing him. Alicia ends up entering into the Iron Giant through its maw in order to retrieve her pendant, prompting Waffle to go in after her.

As Waffle explores the Iron Giant's gut, he manages to find Alicia passed out as well as the giant's Guardian, a robotic being that acts as the core's security system. After Waffle defeats it the first time, the crystals come out from the core and revive the guardian. He manages to shut both the giant and guardian down entirely after retrieving the blue crystal he once gave to Alicia.

As both Waffle and Alicia escape, the Iron Giant once again falls into pieces into Prairie's large ocean sky island, never to be restored again.


  • The Iron Giant was retconned to be a Titano-Machina after the release of Solatorobo.
  • While never made exactly clear, it can be inferred the Iron Giant was utilized during Earth's third world war before the Reset.