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This article contains MULTIPLE spoilers for the Little Tail Bronx series, continue at your own risk.

Robos are a series of mechanical weapons that take on the appearance of typical mecha from various periods. They are a staple of Little Tail Bronx and were first introduced in Tail Concerto.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Structures of Robos can vary depending on the make & model, though one consistent feature in many of them are long, strong appendages mostly used for picking up and chucking objects. Many modern Robos are also capable of flight and weilding built-in firearms and/or laser beams.

Certain advanced Robos are capable of shape-shifting with those who can enter Trance. There are also Robos which can channel the powers of Wolf descendants. Examples of both can be seen in Red Savarin with his Trance form and Waffle Ryebread with his Wolf genes (as of the Katez Empire arc).

History[edit | edit source]

Robos, while initially seeming to be a newer invention in the new world, are actually products of the Old World. When they were invented in the past is currently unknown, though it is evident that the people of the time had managed to create Baion's Robo alongside more thickly built Robos as seen in Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2.

Long after the new world was birthed the Hundred Lillies War would begin. Desperate for a method to assist the oppressed Caninu race, the Wolf Tribe would seek assistance through Yulungur. The personality OS would grant them the Old World's Robos in exchange for the wolves' lives to which they agreed upon. This event began a large turning point for the new world where Robos became commonplace to daily lives throughout time.

In modern day, thanks to the inventive minds of Merveille Million and possibly her ancestor Socks Million, Robos are now fully capable of combat and flight. Robos are also more commonly used for heavy lifting and transport, helping with multiple facets of business.