Fuga: Comedies of Steel

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Fuga: Comedies of Steel (G線上のフーガ) is a comedic video series based on the world of Fuga: Melodies of Steel.

The series began on June 14th, 2021, the same day Fuga's worldwide release date was announced. Twenty-five videos (referred to as "Volumes") are available on CyberConnect2's Official YouTube channel. These uploads were originally for every Friday (JST). The series concluded on November 30th, 2021.

Starting November 2021, English versions of each volume are being uploaded to CC2's Youtube channel. The last video was released in April 25th, 2022.

A special collector's box set of the Fuga: Melodies of Steel art book featured a physical release of Comedies of Steel, where all volumes are presented as proper 4koma's.


Volume 1 | English Version


1. "I'm Malt"
Malt introduces himself and constantly states that he's the oldest of the gang, which will prove to be a prominent theme with his character.
2. "What's That Cloud?"
Malt & Socks go cloud-gazing as Boron munches on a sandwich, oblivious to the current situation.
3. "Nightmare"
Malt wakes up from a dreadful nightmare where he was suddenly the youngest of the children. Boron questions how such a thing could be scary.

Volume 2 | English Version


4. "Mei, Malt's Little Sister"
Mei's introductory chapter. She goes over her life with Malt and how much she loves the other crew mates who seem to spoil her, especially Kyle with his secret sweets.
5. "Ritual of Teeth"
Mei loses her baby tooth and tells Hanna. Hanna tells her that in a faraway country, tossing the tooth onto the roof will ensure healthy adult teeth. Mei faces a crushing defeat when she attempts this with the Taranis.
6. "Destination of Ants"
Mei finds a line of marching ants and follows them to their destination, which ends up being Boron's treats. She's shocked at his lack of awareness.

Volume 3 | English Version


7. "I'm Hanna"
Hanna's introductory chapter. She goes over her relationship with Malt and his sister Mei, and how much she enjoys keeping her crew mates happy. Even though she makes herself very responsible over the daily chores, she's quite content with it.
8. "Hanna's Daily Cycle - 1"
This chapter presents a normal day for Hanna in the Taranis, where she serves breakfast, does the laundry and washes the dishes with the other children. She ends off her day with reading a book.
9. "Hanna's Daily Cycle - 2"
Right after Hanna begins reading for the night, Mei insists that she sticks around her even if it's past bedtime. Eventually, Mei falls asleep and Hanna begins to carry her off to bed.

Volume 4 | English Version


10. "His Name is Kyle"
Kyle's introductory chapter. Here he explains the reason to why he moved from Paresia, which was due to his father's business going bankrupt. Despite his crushing anxiety over feeling like an outsider in Petit Mona, he copes with his strong sense of pride. Malt then quickly snaps Kyle out of his inner monologue by teasing him over his crush.
11. "Lost Item 1"
Boron laments to Kyle about his lost shoe, which was sitting atop the former Felineko's head the entire time. Kyle hisses over his lack of awareness.
12. "Lost Item 2"
Kyle finds Socks blindly tiptoeing about in the Taranis looking for his glasses. Little does he know, his lost belonging is also atop his head. Kyle, despite the short effort he put into restraining himself, hisses over this mishap as well.

Volume 5 | English Version


13. "I'm Boron"
Boron's introductory chapter. As he chows down a sandwich, Boron goes on about how much he looks up to Malt and Socks. He's quickly interrupted by Kyle, though, who he finds a little scary. He wishes that someday him and Kyle could have a pleasant picnic together.
14. "Good Listener Boron - 1"
Socks is ecstatic over his newest weapon design, to which Boron wants to hear about. As Socks rambles on about his success the Felineko soon spaces out. Despite this, he snaps his attention back to his friend and congratulates him.
15. "Good Listener Boron - 2"
Jin and Boron are inspecting a machine in need of a tightened screw. When Boron asks why this is, Jin goes on a spiel about the basics of screwdrivers & screws. This makes Boron space out yet again in an anxious manner. He once again snaps out of his spacey episode and commends Jin for being so intelligent (though this time it may have been to shut him up).

Volume 6 | English Version


16. "My Name is Jin"
Jin's introductory chapter. He gives a quick rundown of his love for mechanics and his tools. His attachment to his tools is obsessive, as he's given them unique names, has meals with them and even sleeps with all the tools in his bed. Malt is left confused to who he's wishing a goodnight to.
17. "Eyes of Socks - 1"
When Socks politely asks Jin to borrow his tools, the latter Caninu bursts out in a possessive rage at him. Despite Jin's efforts to ignore his puppy dog eyes, Socks manages to snatch his tool belt.
18. "Eyes of Socks - 2"
Jin, astonished by how effective Socks's bright-eyed stare is for getting his way, stands still trying to figure out to why and how this works. He then begins overthinking to how much worse it could get if Socks's glasses were taken off, which leads him to scream for the return of his precious tools.

Volume 7 | English Version


19. "He is Socks"
Socks' introductory chapter. He goes over his dreams of inventing the world's most powerful machine ever (which in his mind looks like a classic Japanese mecha). When both Malt and Hanna request him to invent more productive machines, he scoffs at them.
20. "Socks' Weakness - 1"
While Socks discusses a new material he's found with Jin, Wappa approaches the former Caninu wondering what they're talking about. Socks immediately locks up and is unable to respond whatsoever.
21. "Socks' Weakness - 2"
Jin gives Socks some guy talk wondering why he can't talk to girls. Socks doesn't seem to know exactly why either, stating that his jaw locks up whenever a girl is around. Jin then makes a point that the only exception to this social anxiety is Hanna, to which Socks smugly retorts with just seeing Hanna as a close friend. Jin is annoyed with this answer.
22. "Socks' Training"
Socks, slightly jealous over Jin's strength, ponders over if he'd be more productive if he was stronger than he is now. After imagining himself doing taxing workouts, he decides to not perform anything that strains the heart too much.

Volume 8 | English Version


23. "The Best Duo, Chick & Hack"
Chick and Hack's introductory chapter. The twins try to make a prank where they pour chili sauce into the dinner pot. However, Hack ignores Chick who's trying to tell him that someone's getting closer. They're both caught by an angered Kyle who threatens not giving them their meals, causing the two of them to apologize.
24. "Unstoppable Hiccup - 1"
While eating, Hack begins to hiccup much to Chick's concern. Wappa tells them that if someone hiccups 100 times they die, causing Hack to get into a panic.
25. "Unstoppable Hiccup - 2"
Both Hack and Chick start to cry while Wappa adds that Hack only has 10 hiccups left. Hanna tells Wappa to stop scaring them and gives a medical explanation over how hiccups occur, telling Hack that he won't die. He admits to barely understanding what she had just told him, but thinks he got it.
26. "First Aid of Heart"
Chick gets a bruise on her knee, causing Hack to get worried. He tries to patch her up just like Hanna, but laments not being able to do it like her. Chick makes it clear it doesn't matter and that she feels better thanks to him, cheering her twin brother up.

Volume 9 | English Version


27. "I'm Wappa - 1"
Wappa's introductory chapter. She asserts that she's the leader of the Taranis, which is bigger than the hut she used to live in. She also claims that she loves high places which makes the crow's nest of the Taranis her favorite spot. As she looks down at the others, she feels dominant and claims every other crew mate is her minion.
28. "I'm Wappa - 2"
Malt is surprised to see that Wappa is not afraid of staying up so high, which Hanna follows up with that she is afraid of climbing up there. An hour passes while Wappa is still in the crow's nest. Boron asks why Wappa enjoys being in high places, while Malt jokes saying that she is probably afraid, which causes Boron and Hanna to laugh. It's revealed that the next day that Wappa was rescued due to not being able to climb down on her own.
29. "Inside the Bag"
Chick asks Wappa what's inside her bag, which Wappa menacingly tells her that it's something "super cool". Chick looks inside only for a frog to jump at her face, frightening her. Wappa laughs over her successful prank.

Volume 10 | English Version


30. "I'm... Sheena... - 1"
Sheena's introductory chapter. She states the she was born with a mysterious power, but admits she's afraid of using it. However she once used it in front of Chick and Hack, causing the twins to praise her. The attention makes her uncomfortable.
31. "I'm... Sheena... - 2"
Chick and Hack asks Sheena if she can cast her magic again. Sheena, reluctant to perform, lies that she cannot do it or she'll lose control and would prefer to do it another time. However it only causes Chick and Hack to grow even more fascinated.
32. "Sheena's Hobby"
Sheena makes new clothes for Hanna to wear, stating that she learned from her mother who made new dresses for annual festivals. Hanna, who loves Sheena's work, says she would like to see more. Sheena takes photos of her little fashion show and sells them as a set of doujins at a convention. A poorly disguised Kyle shyly buys her new work.

Volume 11 | English Version


33. "Rock, Paper, Scissors - 1"
Malt and Kyle both play rock, paper, scissors to see who will clean the toilet while Boron watches. It ends up in a tie, as Kyle explains since his hand has his claws out it counts as scissors. This technicality has Malt frustratingly clean the toilet.
34. "Rock, Paper, Scissors - 2"
Malt and Kyle play again, this time with Malt try to use Kyle's logic by saying his paw open like that counts as paper, only for Kyle to tell him it doesn't work that way, with Malt forced to clean the toilet once again.
35. "Rock, Paper, Scissors - 3"
Malt tells Kyle that it's his turn to clean the bathtub, but Kyle tells him he cannot do it since Felinekos hate water, only for Malt to reveal that Kyle likes to take long baths. They settle things by playing one more game of rock, paper, scissors only for Malt to lose again.

Volume 12 | English Version


36. "Secret Nibblers Club - 1"
Wappa, Chick and Hack form the "Secret Nibblers Club", which Boron wants to be part of. However Wappa rejects him, due to being too big and that he already nibbles the food of others in secret, much to Boron's shock.
37. "Secret Nibblers Club - 2"
Wappa, Chick and Hack go to the kitchen to have a nibble in secret, only to discover that Boron beat them to it. Wappa berates him and prohibits him to eat more, much to Boron' sadness.
38. "Secret Nibblers Club - 3"
Hanna discovers that the cheese in the kitchen is gone, only for Wappa to reveal that Boron eat it. She tells her that her "Secret Nibblers Club" found him the kitchen doing it while they were trying to catch a nibble. Wappa discovers too late she told Hanna about her club, which causes it to disband the next day.

Volume 13 | English Version


39. "Fight Sleepiness"
Socks tries to keep working despite his constant drowsiness. Jin watches this and frustrated wakes him up by saying that enemies are close. Socks wakes up afraid, only for Jin to admit he was lying.
40. "Can't Sleep"
Sheena tells Hanna she cannot sleep, she suggest to count Moosheep to sleep, only for Sheena to say she cannot do that. Hanna the considers counting Boron, only to Sheena imagining Boron struggling trying to jump a fence, with Hanna admitting this is true.
41. "Read Me a Book"
Mei wants Malt to read her a book to sleep, with Malt falling sleep before starting to read while Mei stares in shock.

Volume 14 | English Version


42. "Set Your Soul Ablaze! - 1"
During a fight, the kids are losing badly, causing Malt to announce he is going to the Soul Cannon much to Hanna' sadness. Despite trying to convince him not to, Malt says he has to go there, which cause Hanna to knock him out.
43. "Set Your Soul Ablaze! - 2"
Jin declares having an idea on how to use the Soul Cannon without risking their lives, much to Hanna's happiness. However, Jin's plan turns out is to use any Berman soldier they capture, so they can use their Bio-Energy instead, Hanna horrified knocks out Jin.
44. "Bad Weather"
Both Jin and Hanna see that's raining outside, then Hanna notices that Jin's towel is outside, much to her surprise as she through that she took out all the laundry. A lightning bolt destroys it, causing Jin to declare vengeance on the Berman Empire, much to Hanna's anger as the Berman didn't cause it.

Volume 15 | English Version


45. "Kyle: Secret Love Interest - 1"
Kyle watches Hanna patching up Chick, all while carrying a flower bouquet. However Malt sneaks up on him, telling him that as the oldest he approves his love for Hanna, much to Kyle's frustration. Hanna listening to the commotion, asks them if she can join, Kyle wants to leave, but Malt tries to force him to admit his feelings for her.
46. "Kyle: Secret Love Interest - 2"
Malt laments the failure as Kyle didn't give Hanna the flower bouquet, he takes responsability for it, which Kyle admits is true. He decides to give her the bouquet himself much to Kyle's embarrasment. Hanna watches far away and says how good friends they are.
47. "Kyle: Secret Love Interest - 3"
Jin gives Kyle the flower bouquet and the love letter he made, saying that can't accept them. Kyle confused asks where he get them, revealing that they were on top of his bed, showing that Malt accidently put them there, much to Kyle's anger.

Volume 16 | English Version


48. "Hungry"
Boron due to being hungry, imagines the Taranis being made of bread.
49. "Reason for Crying?"
Socks tries to comfort Boron who is crying, it turns out that he had a dream where he ate a big sandwich, which Socks says that "It was all just a dream" is a common way to end a story.
50. "Losing Boron"
Socks tells Malt that Boron is losing himself, Malt concerned asks where he is, only to discover that Boron due to being hungry got thinner, Malt is relieved to discover this.

Volume 17 | English Version


51. "Fun with Fishing"
Malt is fishing for scrap alongside Mei and Hanna. He ends up catching some pink panties, which turn out to belong to Hanna much to her horror.
52. "Three Strikes"
Hack breaks a dish, a vase and a cup, despite Hanna showing concern in the previous two, in the last, angry she warns Hack not to do it again.
53. "Scared of Bugs"
Kyle goes to rescue Hanna, after hearing her scream, it turns out that in reality Hanna got scared by a bug. However she ended up crushing it, much to Kyle' shock.

Volume 18 | English Version


54. "I Can't Wait"
Kyle wanting to use the bathroom, angry asks who is there, Boron reveals to be using it much to Kyle's frustration, Malt decides to give him a potty chair to help him, only for Kyle to reject it.
55. "So Hot"
Malt complains about being to hot today, Kyle agrees, only for Malt to realise that Kyle's wearing clothes not meant to be used when it's hot, Malt demands to take his clothes much to Kyle's anger.
56. "Nose Bleeding"
Kyle suffers from a nose bleed, Malt teases him asking if he was thinking about Hanna, Kyle wonders is he was doing the same, only to Malt to reply he wasn't, much to Kyle' shock.

Volume 19 | English Version


57. "Secret Snacks - 1"
Boron out of kindness, gives Sheena two cookies for her and her doll, telling her is their secret.
58. "Secret Snacks - 2"
Sheena eats the cookies by nibbles as eating them right away would be a waste, Mei asks if she is gonna eat them, only to Sheena to reveal she is doing it, much to Mei' surprise.
59. "Secret Snacks - 3"
Five days passed, and only 25% of the cookie was eaten, Boron finds them but he does not recognize them, he chooses to eat them as he doesn't want to waste food, Sheena watches in shock.

Volume 20 | English Version


60. "Love of Reading - 1"
Kyle is reading a book, until he sees that Hanna is carrying a bunch of them, as she plans to become a doctor, she must leart a lot. Kyle daydreams about it, saying that Hanna would make a great doctor, which Hanna mistakes as Kyle doing a compliment.
61. "Love of Reading - 2"
Kyle wonders what he should be in the future, and daydreams about him being a doctor and Hanna as a nurse, making him blush.
62. "Love of Reading - 3"
Hanna tries to cure Kyle with a pill, but warns him that it would make him look like Boron. Kyle refuses forcing Malt to tie him up, it turns out to be a nightmare he was having due to falling asleep in the library.

Volume 21 | English Version


63. "Who's the Leader - 1"
Wappa declares herself as the leader, only for Hack to interject and states that he's the leader, the two decided to do a contest to prove who's the leader.
64. "Who's the Leader - 2"
Wappa goes on a patrol as she sees this as an action of a responsible leader. She crashes into Boron unfortunaly causing him to cry. Wappa chooses to retreat while Malt angry scolds her for not apologizing.
65. "Who's the Leader - 3"
Hack decided to help Hanna by carrying the laundry basket, only to fail due to being too heavy for him.
66. "Who's the Leader - 4"
Malt angry asks Wappa and Hack what are they doing, the two reveal they are doing a contest to show who's the leader. Malt tired of it, decides to be the leader using the excuse of being the oldest, much to Wappa and Hack' shock.

Volume 22 | English Version


67. "Dexterity - 1"
Hanna asks Jin is he can help with cooking today, Jin agrees but before he can touch the vegetables, Hanna dunks him in the sink due to his dirty hands.
68. "Dexterity - 2"
Jin proves to be good at peeling potates much to Hanna' surprise, Hanna leaves to take care of the laundry, leaving Jin to cook the stew.
69. "Dexterity - 3"
Hanna returns and sees that Jin' stew looks great, she tastes it only to discover that Jin' stew tastes awful making her sick.

Volume 23 | English Version


70. "The Radio Woman"
Jeanne's introductory chapter. Malt states how thanks to the girl in the radio, they know where to go, but Kyle finds it hard to remember due to the directions always being spoken. Socks inspires by this makes a GPS called "Tank Navi" which became popular and now is in several households.
71. "Sensitive Taranis - 1"
Malt and Mei heard a strange sound coming outside of the Taranis, curious they find out that is a woodpecker.
72. "Sensitive Taranis - 2"
The woodpecker's pecking despite harmless, causes to Taranis to announce is taking damage, saying that the must use the Soul Cannon much to the shock of Malt and Mei.
73. "Sensitive Taranis - 3"
Kyle angry due to Boron falling asleep on his clothes again, kicks one of the Taranis' walls, this causes the Taranis announce it's taking to much damage and must use the Soul Cannon, much to Kyle' shock.

Volume 24 | English Version


74. "His Name is Britz"
Britz's introductory chapter. He's stated to be a child soldier from the Berman Empire, who's used to live in battlefields. When he deserts and joins the Taranis, he discovers how rowdy the other children are.
75. "Pressure and Gaze"
Britz admits that despite joining the Taranis. he feels that someone's watching him. That someone is Jin who's stalking him, much to his horror.
76. "Best Clothes"
Kyle states that Britz should get better clothes, however Britz says that these are the only clothes he has. Kyle gives him new ones, which turn out that they are from Malt, who demands to know who stole his clothes again, much to Britz's fear.
77. "Mom"
While sleeping, Britz accidently calls Hanna mom, despite trying to explain he was dreaming, Hanna states that she likes it, much to Britz's embarrassment.

Volume 25 | English Version


78. "Hooded Man"
The hooded man's introductory chapter. He's complimented by the narrator due to being brawny as he always slept, making him a good boy.
79. "Next Destination"
The hooded man decides to play darts with a map of Gasco to see where he will go next, only to miss his target completely.
80. "Paradise"
The hooded man looks upon a lone flower happily, calling the world he is in as "paradise", only for a bunch of tanks from the Berman Empire to crush it.
81. "Foolish Points System"
The hooded man makes a "foolish points system" to express his anger at the new people in charge of the new world.


The ending to each volume features "Morning Sunshine" (おはようキラキラ, lit. "Good Morning Kira-Kira"), a new single composed by LieN.


Malt: Ayumu Murase
Boron: Shinnosuke Tokudome
Socks: Miyu Tomita
Mei: Hina Kino
Hanna: Reina Ueda
Kyle: Sachi Kokuryu
Jin: Yukihiro Nozuyama
Wappa: Hiyori Nitta
Chick: Natsumi Haruse
Hack: Tomomi Mizuma
Sheena: Noriko Shitaya
Jeanne: Haruna Ikezawa
Britz: Yuichi Iguchi
Hooded Man: Tomohiro Tsuboi
Narration: Haruna Ikezawa
◆Comic: Higashi
◆Animation: Akari Ogushi, Kazuaki Nakatoh
◆Sound: Norikatsu Fukuda, Chikayo Fukuda, Seizo Nakata, Yohsuke Nakashima
◆"Morning Sunshine" by LieN (Vocals: Tomoyo Mitani)
◆Logo: Higashi
◆English: Till Stiehl, Heather Link, Kaoru Yanagita
◆Director: Hiroto Niizato
◆Promotion: Nodoka Tashima
◆Executive Producer: Hiroshi Matsuyama


  • Hanna's story about throwing teeth onto the roof is referencing a common practice for children in Japan, where some believe throwing bottom teeth onto a roof will provide them with new straight & healthy ones. Since she explains that this is happens in "a far off country", she's likely referring to Nipon.