Super Nyatta: Asougi Empire (Final Episode)

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<image source="image"></image> <label>Author</label> <label>Illustrator</label> <label>Published on</label> <label>Publisher</label> <group layout="horizontal"> <header>Publication order</header> <label>Previous</label> <label>Next</label> </group> </infobox> Super Nyatta: Asougi Empire (Final Episode) (アリーギ帝国籍【最終回】) is a short manga that came bundled with the original printed release of Little Tail Archives: Solatorobo Vol. 3 -Starlet-. The book was illustrated and written by artist Inumaru and is presented as if the book came out of the world of Little Tail Bronx, specifically from Solatorobo's time frame. This "comic" not only holds 4 chapters of story, but also goes over Super Nyatta's history in the Little Tail Bronx universe. This includes how it had its own TV show, commercials, production team, and so on. While this book implies there is more than one issue, even going as far as making up a fake comic production team for the series, this "final episode" is the only comic that CyberConnect2 has actually illustrated. Despite Starlet seeing a digital release, none of its companion books have. It's unknown if this book in particular will see a digital release of its own.


  • This is so far the only piece of Little Tail Bronx media that addresses Felineko's & Caninu's eyesight, stating that they can only see in sepia tones. This is the reason to why the overall aesthetic of the series tends to use muted colors.