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The Kemono Project (ケモノプロジェクト) is CyberConnect2's anthology project based after Tail Concerto and Solatorobo. The project involves artists or fan-based collaborators submitting cat and dog anthropomorphic characters.



The Kemono Book is a set of three books featuring larger scale kemono-inspired artwork, short manga, and some background information on CyberConnect2's previous work, primarily the Little Tail Bronx series. The demand for more kemono content is what inspired the company to create the books.

Kemono Magazine

Kemono Magazine is a series of magazines featuring guests artists and other sorts of fan-made content pertaining exclusively to kemono work. Currently, there are six issues total. The first five, labeled "Kemono Magazine Vol. 1-5" were released from December 2014 through December 2016 biannually. A sixth issue was released in 2018 as a commemoration for the fifth anniversary of The Kemono Project.

Bessatsu Kemono Magazine

Bessatsu Kemono Magazine is a spinoff series of issues that are very similar to Kemono Magazine but seem to follow a much more specific theme in each issue as well as issues being published less frequently, around once each year as opposed to biannually. The first issue was released in 2016 with the theme of "Kemono Sports Day", followed by the second issue "Children's Day" in 2017.

Issues three and four are the most recent volumes, released in late 2019 and early 2020 respectively. Both issues are more fan service oriented under the theme of "Kemono Onsen", with the third issue mainly featuring female characters and the fourth featuring males. As of June 2021, CyberConnect2 continues to create merchandise based off of both Onsen issues.

A new autumn-themed issue focusing on food & drinks was released on Sept. 20th, 2021.


Shenya & Mokuji-kun


Shenya is the main mascot for Kemono Project. She is a maneki-neko who lives in the fictional southern city "Tantoshi". She was created by the artist Kishibe, whose design won a character design contest against 48 other contestants, and was named through a poll featuring over 30+ possible names. The name "Shenya" won by 260 votes. Her favorite food is Taiyaki but dislikes chocolate, and her biggest hobby is to nap. Her birthday on is October 31st.

From Oct. 7th to the 21st in 2015, Shenya was featured in the mobile game Sengoku Puzzle!! Animal Daigassen as part of a collaboration between CyberConnect2 and Racjin.


Mokuji-kun, a Shiba Inu boy, is Kemono Project's secondary mascot. He first appeared in Kemono Magazine Volume 2 and was created by artist Higashi. While not as prominently used as Shenya, he is still often seen throughout the Kemono Project's printed works alongside her.

Mokuji-kun is often a gentle sort, though he doesn't seem afraid to be more stern against Shenya on occasion. He is also given the title "PR Captain" of the Kemono Magazine series.

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